The power of creativity

Have you ever heard of somebody claiming the products he/she sells are of a low quality? Actually, low quality is a reality. However, everybody proclaims their products are of a high quality. This shows the level of confusion about the meaning of the term “high quality”. To avoid any misunderstanding, we need to clarify something. The quality is an element in balance with the value and, therefore, with the price. A high priced product will not necessarily be of high quality. However, a high quality product will inevitably be highly priced.

It’s a rule with no exceptions. In the lower market segment, there is the same rule but in reverse. Here we can notice that a low quality product will not be necessarily cheaper. However, we can certainly affirm that a low price product will match a low quality. The concept of high quality has been imposed by the sector of luxury products. This idea is based on some basic principles. The materials must be of a very first choice. The design is required to be original. For the work, it is necessary a grand specialized craftsmanship. The final result must be a rare and expensive product, precious for both its components and its design and production.

Only with such a mix of excellent quality can we create a high quality product. Gold and diamonds are not enough to make a high quality jewel. What we need is the knowledge of its craftsman. But, above all, the genius of its designer. The intrinsic element of high quality is the creativity. A component which is the rarest of all. Nowadays, creativity is in decline. However the big brands consider this as essential as the precious materials. This is explained just by the creativity added value which changes the undifferentiated material into a one-time, unmistakable, unique item, of high quality. This concept of high quality and its strict principle conformity are the best defence against two dangers which threaten our economies. One of these dangers is known as forgery.

To fight against such trickery there is nothing better than the following: a strict application of the concept of high quality in which the creativity is given its deserved recognition. Because the only inimitable thing is: the beauty of an original product. The other danger which threatens our overall economy is the very low priced products put into the market by countries which still enjoy low cost of labour. Even against such danger, the creativity is a defence instrument much more effective if compared to the import duties. We need to fight using our head, our brain. The high quality stands in the most precious matter: the grey one.

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